A Positive Business benefits the world without damaging it.

Its code of conduct puts respect and responsibility before the making of money. Respect towards all living things and the environment. Responsibility toward the long-term consequences of its actions.

A Positive Business strives to make profits whilst pursuing a vision that encompasses sustainable change to the world and a better life for all its stakeholders.

It has a strict adherence to the view that, for it to gain, those it deals with should gain as well.

It’s driven by passion.

A Positive Business cares.

It strives to create emotional connections with its stakeholders and eliminate any kind of cynicism.

It does not put its selfish interest before the well-being of all things on Earth.

It adheres to the view that sustainable development is not only a marketing strategy, but a duty.

A Positive Business embraces diversity in thoughts, opinions, and backgrounds.

It acts with integrity, is fair, and shares profits.

Its leaders build for the future and put the long-term interests of the company ahead of their own.

A Positive Business makes the livings happier.

It trusts its employee, allowing them to thrive and develop full lives outside of the workplace.

From the top must come a positive energy that trickles up and sideways through the entire organization.

A Positive Business is willing to sacrifice short-term benefits in order to protect its culture and prosperity in the long run.

Together with all its employees, a Positive Business is on a mission to make the impossible possible — to make the world a better place.

We become a powerful force when each of us understands how powerful all of us are and when all of us understand how valuable each of us is.

— Jim Rohn

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