The greatest achievement was, at first, and for a time, but a dream.

— Napoleon Hill

Current Projects

TimePad — Personal Time Tracking
— Code Snippets & Resources for Web Developers

Socially (2011)

The simple and private way to share with the people you care about.
Available at

AtFamily (late 2010)

A private social network for families.
Available at

Teamly (mid 2010)

A new kind of productivity tool that helps you and your staff move beyond your mile-long to-do lists and focus on the truly important stuff—your top 5 priorities for the day, week and month.

Teamly (late 2009)

A web-based chat & collaboration tool that combined instant messaging, task management, and status updates into a single application.

Widea (2009)

An idea management app whose purpose was to help you define and document projects before deciding to act upon them.
Make Your Ideas Happen

MacSpirit (early 2009)

A French news website and community dedicated to the Mac, iPhone, and Mac OS X. Its goal was to provide easy access to Mac-related news from various websites while publishing in-depth articles and analyses. An OS & Apps database was also underway.

Warlords (2006)

An online massively multiplayer browser game I built while in high school.