I’ve just finished reading The Richest Man in Bablyon by George Samuel Clason. This is a simple book, 145 pages long, with life altering abilities.

The book was written in the 1920s and is packed with parables set in ancient Babylon (the wealthiest city of the ancient world) more than 6,000 years ago, yet its lessons and wisdom still apply today. The laws of money are universal and unchanging.

Through the inspiring stories of ancient craftsmen, merchants and money lenders you will learn how to repay your debts and achieve financial success with nothing to start with (most of these men started as slaves). It explains the basics of money, how to acquire it, keep it and make it earn more money.

I won’t summarize the principles of the book because that would be counter-productive. These principles are simple and one might even find them obvious, but to be reminded of them the way George Clason has presented them is of great value.

It is said that the book is “beloved by million”, I certainly liked it and would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t read it yet.